Mirai Nikki
Posted by FrPl^Shadow on 06.12.2015
Here's the twists and turns I promised. I hope you like pausing your media player a LOT. There's more walls of text than you can imagine in this thing.

Be prepared for a bunch of crazy people!
What's next?
Posted by FrPl^Shadow on 21.11.2015
After the gruesome massacre that was Another we'll be starting with something new next release-day.

It has more twists and turns than a slinky that's been run over by a truck, a lot of murders and casual nudity every few episodes!

See ya in two weeks!
Posted by FrPl^Shadow on 08.11.2015
Welcome to Another...

There's some dark shit going down here.

Mysterious deaths that have been going on for decades? Check!
Gruesome accidents? Check!
Everyone being secretive and not telling you what's going on? Check!
Creepy girl with eyepatch? Check!

What more do you want...?
Posted by FrPl^Shadow on 10.10.2015
We bring you Sankarea!

Ever wanted to know what happens if you turn living beings into zombies after they die? Find out now by watching Sankarea!
We are looking!
Posted by FrPl^Shadow on 09.10.2015
...for everything!

After a bit of a near-death experience after our server HDD failed it took us a bit of time to get back on our feet. But we ARE back! All the releases are back on our bot and we have new releases queued up and will start releasing them soon! (as in this saturday).

We'll also be adding torrents to our distribution systme because IRC is a bit to 90s. But we'll keep the IRC-Bot of course!

Also we're starting recruitment again! So if you're interested in Encoding or QCing, pm me on IRC or write me to frplshadow@gmail.com experience would be nice but it's not a requirement.
We're back baby!
Posted by FrPl^Shadow on 09.10.2015
After a rather catastrophic HDD failure on our server we spent the last 1 1/2 months uploading over 1.5TB of anime and adding everything back to the bot. We're finally done now!

So once again. Enjoy!
Trigun removed from Releases
Posted by FrPl^Shadow on 04.12.2014
Trigun has been removed from the listing on our website and from our bots in response to a DMCA takedown notice.
New Releases
Posted by M87 on 24.05.2012
Bubblegum Crisis tokyo 2040 & Puella Magi Madoka Magica 1-8 are now released
New Releases
Posted by FrPl^Shadow on 27.04.2012
Rosario + Vampire Capu2 & Legend of the Millennium are now avaliable.
New Releases!
Posted by FrPl^Shadow on 16.04.2012
TO 1-2 and Rosario + Vampire 1-13 are now avaliable!

Head into our channel and grab 'em
C#.NET or PHP Developer
Posted by FrPl^Shadow on 12.04.2012
Hello from ACX!

We are currently looking for a C#.NET OR a PHP developer for our website administration utility.

If you are one of those and are interested in:
- Writing a PHP Webservice Backend
- Writing a C#.NET Frontend

(these two will communicate with some kind of protocol (Probably just XML via HTTP-POST or something))

Please write me an email to shitsu@animecorpx.com or write me a message on IRC (FrPl^Shadow)

And if you have your own ideas on how to realize this or just want some more information, feel free to ask too.

Of course you'll become an ACX-Member and get access to all our released and unreleased stuff.

Looking for....
Posted by FrPl^Shadow on 25.02.2012
We are always looking for new people to join AnimeCorpX.

We are currently looking for encoders and QCers!
If you're applying as QCer you don't need a lot of experience but a lot of commitment! If you start something, you gotta finish it.
If you're applying as an encoder you do need some experience. You have to have a basic knowledge on how to rip, encode and mux DVDs.

So if you're interested, contact us on IRC (FrPl^Shadow or SaintDeath) or on our forum!
New Encoder!
Posted by FrPl^Shadow on 01.12.2011
With his first released series we welcome edison23 to our team!

Please enjoy "Angel Beats!" encoded by edison23!
Good Bye SSJ_Saiyan_Elite!
Posted by FrPl^Shadow on 11.11.2011
This week we say goodbye to SSE our long-lasting leader!

Bye SSE!
New Features!
Posted by FrPl^Shadow on 21.08.2011
We've added some new features as you can see.

You can now check out our Distro-List which contains series that havent been released to the public yet! And which you CAN get by donating or helping out in some other way.

Also we now have a RSS-Feed that will keep you updated about all new releases!

And that's it. There were a few bug-fixes too but they're mostly unnoticeable.