New Features!
Posted by FrPl^Shadow on 21.08.2011
We've added some new features as you can see.

You can now check out our Distro-List which contains series that havent been released to the public yet! And which you CAN get by donating or helping out in some other way.

Also we now have a RSS-Feed that will keep you updated about all new releases!

And that's it. There were a few bug-fixes too but they're mostly unnoticeable.
By mohammed on 05.04.2018

I was unable to log in with my username and password, I wasn't recognized on the Forums page. When I tried to Register it told me,The administrator is currently not accepting new membership registrations. So my old member ID is in the wind and I'm unable to reregister for access info or forums. I'm really anxious for this site to be up and running again because along with J.A.D., E.A, J.D.O., and C.W. this site was in my Fav-5 for Anime Access. I hope it will again soon. TY
By akdr1 on 23.03.2016

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