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Posted by FrPl^Shadow on 25.02.2012
We are always looking for new people to join AnimeCorpX.

We are currently looking for encoders and QCers!
If you're applying as QCer you don't need a lot of experience but a lot of commitment! If you start something, you gotta finish it.
If you're applying as an encoder you do need some experience. You have to have a basic knowledge on how to rip, encode and mux DVDs.

So if you're interested, contact us on IRC (FrPl^Shadow or SaintDeath) or on our forum!
Sorry, but no.I watched one of their eps berfoe.I'm gonna come off as an elitist and sound mean by saying this, but Kyuubi is utter shit.Their scripts are beyond terrible, IMHO.They have a certain vulgarity in their scripts that really isn't warranted. Hell, I'd go as far as to say that they edit in vulgarity.Also, I just don't like their editing in general.Too many errors for my taste. Just not watchable.And encoding lol 720p mp4? Why? Just why?As for Hiyono, never watched them. I can't comment.I applaud your idea, though.At least someone is thinking and making semi-decent suggestions.
By ctQIjKcffkTx on 31.05.2012

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