New Releases!
Posted by FrPl^Shadow on 16.04.2012
TO 1-2 and Rosario + Vampire 1-13 are now avaliable!

Head into our channel and grab 'em
Well, we could certainly use all the staff we can get. I nceiotd you came on irc earlier, and went into our channel. Next time, just kind of idle there, or type out one of the ops' names(to highlight us). Either that, or you can query us with your message. Even if you're not experienced, we'll still give you a chance by having you take a test or something. That could involve you handing in one of your remuxed scripts and having someone check it out. Anyway, don't be shy. Come on irc and idle with us. ^_^
By knmsGPVjyiUlP on 31.05.2012

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