New Releases
Posted by FrPl^Shadow on 27.04.2012
Rosario + Vampire Capu2 & Legend of the Millennium are now avaliable.
By rogelionarag on 05.03.2014

By h on 19.11.2012

You are hired... not.
By Kay on 30.07.2012

I'm not really a qatuily checker, but I'm willing to watch it once after the qatuily checker since I got a bit of free time. I'm the closest thing to a QC/Editor(Just catch small typos and other stuff) for Virus123, I'm also a K-Timer for Virus123, Tormaid, and CCS.If you want, I can watch one or two episodes of your releases and see what I can find. Basically, if you need a part time QC, just call me.
By lIvMwsQNV on 31.05.2012

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