We're back baby!
Posted by FrPl^Shadow on 09.10.2015
After a rather catastrophic HDD failure on our server we spent the last 1 1/2 months uploading over 1.5TB of anime and adding everything back to the bot. We're finally done now!

So once again. Enjoy!
In Releases and ACX Releases I cant open any episodes for any of the 30 or so randomly picked series on the lists. About all it seems to be is a very good wiki on anime. There aren't any actual episodes linked to the titles? Will there be soon any links to the actual eps. to watch or download? I had hoped the 9/15 relaunch had been as promising as it sounded... I hope soon in the future, this site will have access to some great Animes. I also found the Forum to still be closed. All this 6 months after the relaunch. I will check back in another 3months or so and hope then I will be able to report a fully functional death star, sorry.. A fully functional Anime site/source, amply providing some great anime, and a vibrant Forum full of discussions from Anime lovers around the world.. This is cid, and that's all I'm saying.. madevilcrysicksad2sadmad
By akdr1 on 23.03.2016

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