Angelic Layer
Angelic Layer Misaki Suzuhara is a sixth grader who has just moved to Tokyo to live with her aunt. She stumbles across a merchandising phenomenon known as Angelic Layer in which a person can purchase a doll and custom design it. Once their doll is finished, they can link to it through new technology and have it move however they want, as long as its within the confines of a field known as a "layer." In these fields there are battles to see who is the best at Angelic Layer that occur at tourist traps or at special tournaments, Misaki meets a strange man known only as Icchan who gets her involved in the games. The man for some reason believes that she has high potential to become one of the greatest players of all time...

Media-Type: DVD Dual-Audio  DVD Dual-Audio DVD Dual-Audio

Tags: Action, Comedy, Proxy Battles, School Life, Shounen

Episode list
Nr. Name CRC32
01 How Do You Do My Very Own Angel C319E5D4
02 Do Your Best Hikaru Ist Your First Fight DF1FCAF4
02 Who Are You Misaki's Nervous Lesson B7713ABB
03 The Day an Angel Flew Down 8BBFCD24
04 I Don't Want to Lose! I'm Believing in Hikaru F5259A66
05 Hatoko's Declaration of Rivalry! 762C0198
06 Fight at the Edge Misaki's Last Chance EC6BBA45
07 Misaki VS Misaki A Dangerous Classmate EE3875D6
08 Sing Misaki! Is the Deus an Idol! 924A6AC7
09 Mean Sisters! Hikaru the Target E146F0F0
10 Finish It Off! Hikaru & Mao's Important Game 988FFEAA
11 Misaki & Kotaro! Their Exciting Date 459A82CA
12 Pure White Blance Kaede's Smile D214A04D
13 I Won't Give Up! And an Angel was Born 423198AD
14 Shirahime VS Suzuka! Secret Of The Ice Machine 5F94C2E7
15 The Final Game! Hikaru's Last Attack 3D226644
16 Ive Made Up My Mind On You B522EF94
17 Many Strong Opponents 924A8503
18 System Down! Decisive Fight on a Ship in a Storm! 6A1BF3D6
19 Is Icchan the Enemy The Puzzling Second Game! 8F0F011B
20 Summertime at the Sea! Someone is in Love With Someone 6C21653F
21 Suddenly Just the Two of Us Secret Double Dates C9092D99
22 Break Up the Magic Wall! Misaki VS Ohjiro C6D8F204
23 Reach Misaki! This Thought Goes Over the Rainbow! D38AE858
24 Reunion of Destiny Angels Wet With Tears BB5383DD
25 Angel Wings! Please Guide Me and Hikaur! 3DE99F9D