Planetes It is the year 2075. In a world where travelling between Earth, Space stations and the moon has become normal.

Hachimaki (Hoshino Hachirouta) is just an ordinary salaryman. He works at a space station collecting debris. However, he has a dream of owning his very own space ship someday. And so he is spending his days collecting debris together with his colleagues Yuri, Fee and his friend Tanabe. Now it is his fourth year doing that work and he is going to be 25 years old soon, which is why he starts to think about his life.

How does Hachimaki feel? Well, today, Hachimaki is going to do the same job...

Media-Type: DVD Dual-Audio  DVD Dual-Audio DVD Dual-Audio

Tags: Angst, SciFi, Seinen, Space Travel, Violence

Episode list
Nr. Name CRC32
1 Outside the Atmosphere 798B7EC2
2 Like a Dream AEDF6008
3 Return Trajectory B2B1AD6A
4 Part of the Job EBB2E299
5 Fly me to the Moon 71473573
6 The Lunar Flying Squirrels 617DF0BA
7 Extraterrestrial Girl 3468C5E1
8 A Place to Cling to 22E86353
9 Regrets 971B677F
10 A Sky of Stardust B9028DFF
11 Boundary Line B9F3EB51
12 A Modest Request 7C717A71
13 Scenery with a Rocket 0AE3F34E
14 Turning Point 3C36E32A
15 In Her Case... 8C1A02F2
16 Ignition DB130F8B
17 His Reasons 5E7800EC
18 Debris Section's Last Day F702EAFE
19 Endings Are Always... 6AA9F323
20 Faltering Victory AD3B1E05
21 Tandern Mirror 01E39927
22 Exposure AA5257B0
23 Debris Cluster 33669023
24 Love E4123F30
25 The Lost 6AC08939
26 And the Days We Chance Upon... 532715CF