Spiral Narumi Ayumu lives in the shadow of his older brother's disappearance two years earlier. Now residing with his brother's wife, police detective Narumi Madoka, Ayumu is constantly preoccupied by the last words his brother spoke: Blade Children. As a series of mysteries arise, Ayumu uses his formidable detective skills to solve the crimes. But it is always the larger mysteries that continue to loom over him. Who are the Blade Children? Why did his brother disappear?

Media-Type: DVD Dual-Audio  DVD Dual-Audio DVD Dual-Audio

Tags: Action, Angst, Comedy, Detective

Episode list
Nr. Name CRC32
1 Spiral of Destiny 21E5D316
2 Seijyu Hall of Death 51D4D526
3 The Cursed Children C37B2095
4 The Fortune of Believers 731C9A64
5 The Misty Gallows of Death 702A943E
6 The Blind Spot In The Net F1097105
7 A Choice of a Nonbeliever A58D9358
8 Just a day of the Defeated 277255B1
9 All Things That Are Possible To You CAEA54BF
10 Only One Wise Action EB9F9EA3
11 Good Night Sweetheart 68DB6707
12 Dry Eyes A0323E98
13 Overture 0D16BF58
14 Like A Sweet Aroma Haze B797BC81
15 Like A Swan 6F2F55D7
16 The Uninvited Visitor B3DA7072
17 The Watcher in the Darkness 9201392F
18 Angel of Sorrow 5056B55C
19 Mirror of the Heart 950FC7B1
20 Whispering Shadow E139E80C
21 The Sound of Heartbreak 51C92B90
22 The Mask's Confession 5038BA1F
23 Never Ending Rain F8CBB22A
24 The Man in the High Castle 09CDB7B0
25 The Sound of an Iris Freezing and Melting 975B56BD