Vandread First Stage
Vandread First Stage Life sucks for Hibiki. Intergalactic society has broken into civil war between males and females; he's stuck on the assembly line for war mecha, relentlessly teased by his co-workers and unable to pursue his dreams of building his own mecha one day. He finally decides he's had enough though, and attempts to break in and steal a mech for his own purposes; this turns out to be a bad idea, thrusting him into the middle of a fever-pitch space battle that brings him face to face with the enemy and launches him into an adventure that will change his mundane life forever.

Media-Type: DVD Dual-Audio  DVD Dual-Audio DVD Dual-Audio

Tags: Action, Aliens, Ecchi, Humanoid, Mecha, SciFi, Shounen, Transforming Robots

Episode list
Nr. Name CRC32
1 Boy Meets Girl BC85DB35
2 And I've Lost My Way 3D59D6FC
3 This Is The Path I Choose To Live E65B432C
4 I Want To Know More About You 5AF32AB0
5 Sweet Temptation CF2C7C10
6 What a Wonderful World 3193C21D
7 Easy Life FBC56084
8 Impossible! B0413147
9 More Barbaric Then Heaven FBE27FA2
10 White Love 9DC272CD
11 Together... AF2C1C10
12 They Don't Care About Us 4FAB06D9
13 To Feel The Fire 2CCD7D5F