Witch Hunter Robin
Witch Hunter Robin A couple of hundred years have passed and people hardly hear about witches nowadays. However, a leading secret organization in witch management still exists. Salomon's witch management organization, STN, is assigned the task of capturing the remaining witches. As a leading secret organization in witch management, STN's influence has reached the government and police organizations across the world.

As the recent change in Japanese society has led into an increase of witch activities, STN-J assembled a group of hunters to draw a desperate last-minute fight against witches. However, the mysterious death of one member of the group has led to a decrease in morale in STN-J.

In order to help STN-J, a lone 15 year old replacement girl is sent by Salomon directly to Tokyo. Robin Sena, a craft user- can she really be the key to win this fight?

Media-Type: DVD Dual-Audio  DVD Dual-Audio DVD Dual-Audio

Tags: Coming of Age, Contemporary Fantasy, Detective, Fantasy, Magic, SciFi, Seinen, Special Squads, Tragedy

Episode list
Nr. Name CRC32
1 Replacement 89ACD043
2 Addicted to Power ED206913
3 Dancing in Darkness 0286DD93
4 Stubborn Aesthetics A1DB902F
5 Smells Like the Wandering Spirit C06B9BED
6 Raindrops FAB671A7
7 Simple Mind 5175B335
8 Faith B891B38C
9 Sign of the Craft 98DC2867
10 Seperate Lives 170A32C1
11 The Soul Cages 54F6B0FD
12 Precious Illusions F1CD6EF0
13 The Eyes of Truth 01158A74
14 Loaded Guns 815998EA
15 Time to Say Goodbye 182811B7
16 Heal the Pain F1990C3D
17 Dilemma EED7CF94
18 In My Pocket 0196F846
19 Missing 545B83C1
20 All I Really Oughtta Know F7733DE9
21 No Way Out 04802B77
22 Family Portrait 44217B38
23 Sympathy for the Devil 50658898
24 Rent 8BA9305D
25 Redemption Day 2FD43B7C
26 Time to Tell 1BC39260