Zone of the Enders Dolores
Zone of the Enders Dolores "49-year-old James Lynx was an officer (LEV pilot) in the United Nations global arm. One day he received notification that his wife -- a Martian scientist -- was killed during a lab experiment.
Hateful and resenting him for letting her go, his children blamed him and cast him aside. Depressed and in despair, James quit the military and took up a job as a transporter between Earth and Mars. He had a slight hope his wife was still alive, so to find her he wanted to be out there. After a few years had mostly given up all hope and turned to drinking, until one day he receives an orbital frame by the name of "Dolores", sent by his dead wife. With this, he began to hope he might find her and set off on a wild adventure to find the truth and reunite his family."

Media-Type: DVD Dual-Audio  DVD Dual-Audio DVD Dual-Audio

Tags: Action, Mecha, Piloted Robots, SciFi

Episode list
Nr. Name CRC32
1 Jame's Misfortune 3EB63A1E
2 Elevator of Capital Punishment BF0D9752
3 Leon's Choice 3B8D4498
4 Final Countdown BDFFEF24
5 A Runaway Trip to Death D39E19CC
6 Get Away 5823D8FF
7 Untouchable 36FFDB1C
8 The Grave of Humanity 323D771F
9 Lost in Space 5194E0F5
10 Total Recall 5C75E3D7
11 Tightrope FDC817A4
12 Die Hard 2FA9F666
13 Red Desert CA776850
14 Rebecca 026B2C87
15 Container for Sand E6372FAA
16 Massive Illusion 44001DED
17 Family Game C05E11B9
18 Showdown at Noon 636C2F94
19 The Time of Reunion FF37F77E
20 Upheaval 6D8CD21F
21 Set Course for North, North West 59DB8717
22 Clash 409D66AE
23 Goodbye Mars EEDF88D9
24 Vanishing Point A6F0A3E3
25 Sorrowing Angel 33746A68
26 Farewell to Arms 97CAF2AA