Kyo Kara Maou!
Kyo Kara Maou! Shibuya Yuri was living a pretty normal life. That changed the day he was dunked into a toilet after an attempt to save a classmate from a gang of bullies. Instead of just getting a good soaking, he's pulled in. The next thing he knows, he's in a world that vaguely resembles medieval Europe. If that's not odd enough, he's told that he is to be the next Maoh, just because he has black hair and black eyes. The Maoh is the King of the Mazoku, who are coexisting not-so-peacefully with the humans in this world. Much to his subjects' dismay, he's totally different from the rulers they're accustomed to. He's kind, considerate, a believer in justice, and not willing to use violence to solve conflicts - not exactly someone they want running a country on the very brink of war. Now, Yuri has to deal with trying to become a good Maoh, while at the same time attempting to adapt to this land's customs and culture, all in a world where the tension between the humans and Mazoku is reaching its peak.

Media-Type: DVD Dual-Audio  DVD Dual-Audio DVD Dual-Audio

Tags: Action, Bishounen, Fantasy, Swordplay

Episode list
Nr. Name CRC32
1 Flushed Into an Alternate World 59AA604A
2 Duel! Hot Boy VS. Baseball Boy 83137651
3 Yuri Shibuya! I am the Demon King 6305D267
4 What is Next The Ultimate Weapon 7CA6F485
5 Sailors and a Spoiled Brat 73CB90AB
6 The Terror of Morgif, A Man-Eating Demon Sword 19D219D7
7 Runaway, Stray, Demon Sword in Motion! E370790B
8 Moonlit Plot 2C6B23D1
9 Stolen Treasure AA27094E
10 The Hand of Evil Looms Closer! 1605198D
11 The War Begins in the Alternate World 919E0161
12 Chains of Love and Destiny 15AD5C15
13 The Bride, Yuri and Gwendal 659B2CE1
14 Yuri Does Heavy Labor 7B170542
15 Rainfall in the Desert A661C8C3
16 The Demon King Case File DC3E1E06
17 I am Remarrying 72EF660A
18 In the Name of Love 23784589
19 Hero Vs. Demon King - Part One 91DAF26A
20 Hero Vs. Demon King - Part Two 52FAA2C1
21 The Dangerous Visitor A4A392E1
22 Man of Destiny 5E579132
23 Race of Flame 21E47465
24 Unforgiven 336486C5
25 The Past and Future B47F6852
26 The Full Circle of Life 96AB2DF8
27 Conrad's Arm 93620949
28 Atrocious Reunion 1DA18969
29 Chilling Overture E1B27429
30 A Forbidden Box 937990E9
31 The Ends of the Earth E5856AFB
32 The Locked Memory 96230891
33 Run for It! The Snow Sled Race 06B7D03B
34 Hot Battle Coliseum B2968CC3
35 Snow-Covered Earth 2E0C5B8D
36 Farewell, Conrad 109EB8E0
37 Whereabouts of the Boxes 3A364E86
38 Gunter VS. Conrad E5241710
39 Your Name is Demon King 951FB8F7
40 For Our Bonds D169EE6D
41 Conrad's Return 57404E6B
42 Distant Promise EF3C2C5F
43 Baby Panic at Covenent Castle! 54A077C0
44 The Phantom Girl 8B89B20E
45 The Betrothed vs. The Fiance! E93C2545
46 The Priestess in the Forest EC963786
47 Proof of Life D25FB74A
48 Big Cimaron Strikes Back 3A68F297
49 The Lion and the Wolf 6FF0555E
50 My Beloved Julia 53FBB346
51 Revenge Fiend, Maxine 67895123
52 Conrart Standing Tall 6138E39E