Claymore Based on the shounen manga by Yagi Norihiro serialized in Monthly Shounen Jump.

Long ago, Youma, shape changing demons, took human form to live in disguise in human towns, feeding on them in secret.

A secret, nameless society has discovered a way of implanting Youma flesh into humans to create hybrids powerful enough to defeat the Youma. A hybrid's standard abilities include faster healing, limited shape modification, the ability to detect Youma and other hybrids, and overall enhanced physical prowess allowing them to wield massive claymores, for which they are named: Claymores. For reasons not divulged, only women are selected to be Claymores. They are often chosen for implantation after being the sole survivors of a family attacked by a Youma; this ensures their loyalty and willingness to endure the painful hybridization process.

The society sends Claymores to towns that can afford their fees to kill Youma. The society is often strict and harsh; Claymores who break the rules risk being hunted down by their fellow warriors.

The story of Claymore follows the adventures of the beautiful warrior Claire, who fights demons while struggling to hold on to her own humanity.

Media-Type: DVD Dual-Audio  DVD Dual-Audio DVD Dual-Audio

Tags: Action, Adventure, Angst, Dark Fantasy, Demons, Dystopia, Fantasy, Shounen, Super Power, Swordplay, Violence

Episode list
Nr. Name CRC32
01 Great Sword 431E958C
02 The Black Card 9E0B68DC
03 The Darkness in Paradise 4A83D031
04 Clare's Awakening 792EEDA6
05 Teresa of the Faint Smile 6FCA4704
06 Teresa and Clare 26D6FF7B
07 Marked for Death A25322A3
08 Awakening 10517C28
09 Those who Rend Asunder I 492FE0D9
10 Those who Rend Asunder II 77D34C28
11 Those Who Rend Asunder III 786BD9AC
12 The Endless Gravestones I 829373D6
13 The Endless Gravestones II 950464F3
14 To Be Qualified to Fight 6D1A29C0
15 The Witch's Maw I B0824DD0
16 The Witch's Maw II 68AF55F3
17 The Witch's Maw III DDEC150B
18 The Carnage in the North I D9CE1DAB
19 The Carnage in the North II ED975C5C
20 The Carnage in the North III E0602CA3
21 Invasion of Pieta I 0F1B57D5
22 Invasion of Pieta II 47EF970C
23 Critical Point I 899268A7
24 Critical Point II CADF49F3
25 For Whose Sake CEB70752
26 To the Succeccors FC11037C