Black Cat
Black Cat The world is secretly controlled by a secret organizition, Chronos. Under the command of this mysterious organization are the Chronos Numbers, a group of powerful assasins, taking orders to eliminate certain targets secretly to keep the so-called 'peace'. One of the most powerful is the Number XIII, Train Hartnett, also known as Black Cat. At first he seems to be a cruel killer, however a meeting with a girl Sweeper changed him completely. Now as a Sweeper, Train travels with his partner Sven Volfied to hunt down criminals.

Media-Type: DVD Dual-Audio  DVD Dual-Audio DVD Dual-Audio

Tags: Action, Bounty Hunters, Conspiracy, Gunfights, Human Enhancement, Martial Arts, Parallel Universe, SciFi, Shounen, Super Power, Violence

Episode list
Nr. Name CRC32
1 The Solitary Cat 3974A902
2 The Hesitant Cat AD4F7C7E
3 The Cat in the Dark 02AD174B
4 The Smiling Cat B2818287
5 The Departing Cat 39857D1D
6 The Cat Under Fire E90E7595
7 The Wounded Cat EB70DB46
8 The Sweeping Cat B542E154
9 Fascinating Cat 83ED4C64
10 Reckless Cat 74F1448C
11 Lying Cat 09F6A5F0
12 Fighting Cat ED4C7682
13 Love Cat BC9283BF
14 Small Cat 62D42E15
15 Receding Cat 663D0F03
16 Cat which hunts Dragons 5E55508E
17 Napping Cat FD0B7A24
18 Cat Leaves on a Ship 8508564B
19 Sprinting Cat 38AE487E
20 Cat's Showdown CB84DC04
21 Cat About To Drown A958E87F
22 Cat Sharpens Nails A7E0C87C
23 Cat's Paradise 749DF9AB
24 Selfish Cat FBCE4913