Gantz Korono Kei, a high school freshman, put on airs and thought only about girls. One day, on his way home, he comes across a man who accidentally fell from the train platform. He didn't care for other people, and at first he enjoyed watching this man that was about to die. However, Kato Masaku, who was a classmate in his elementary days, suddenly gets onto the train tracks from the train platform to help the man. Being asked for help, Kei reluctantly began to help him. But when they got the man onto the platform, the train came. They must have been killed by the train, but they were transferred into a room of a condominium in a moment. There, they found a black sphere and people who are supposed to be dead like them. They couldn't get out of the room, and they couldn't even touch the wall. What is the room? What is this ball?

Based on the manga by Hiroya Oku.

Media-Type: DVD Dual-Audio  DVD Dual-Audio DVD Dual-Audio

Tags: Action, Aliens, Angst, Ecchi, Gunfights, Horror, Large Breasts, SciFi, Seinen, Sex, Tragedy, Violence, Virtual Reality

Episode list
Nr. Name CRC32
01 It's the Beginning of a Brand New Day 86C5EB28
02 They Aren't Human E32CD21A
03 Kei, You're Awesome! 6252AC3D
04 Okay, Hear Are Your Skores 1CCE5D92
05 That Means at the Time... 1092DEA5
06 All Right! 902A97B2
07 We're After You B3BC5FF9
08 Uh-oh! 1EEB5D17
09 I'll Kill You Without a Moment's Hesitation CEC111C4
10 Yuzo 6822FA8E
11 He Can't Shoot FEFCE499
12 Kato, You Wait Here 589EC0ED
13 Please Die 09BEB01A
14 Goodbye ECE37F6B
15 I Wanna Be There Now 5A286270
16 I Will Do It 17F8803A
17 I Can Shoot Them, Can't I 146AE27D
18 Welcome Back FA6B7C19
19 What the hell is that! 192CE200
20 Just Shoot Me! CEB9AA13
21 Big Brother F20FEC13
22 Don't Ever Say That Again! 91F6C6CC
23 Kurono Alien FF837AA9
24 No Labyrinth is Inescapable 3E862EE3
25 Let's All Go Back Alive E7EEFA4D
26 Please Live C37F1CFE