Pumpkin Scissors
Pumpkin Scissors Torn apart by its long, brutal war with the Republic of Frost, the Royal Empire can finally begin to rebuild. Faced with famine, plague, renegade soldiers, and corruption within its own government, the Empire is hard pressed to soothe its people and heal its wounds.

For this purpose, the Imperial State Section III has been formed for the purpose of war relief. Named 'Pumpkin Scissors' by its 2nd Lieutenant, the noblewoman Alice L. Malvin, the unit is considered a joke and criticized as a farce of the Empire's to quell its peoples' complaints and squander funds.

Regardless of its reputation as a 'carefree' branch with its misfit members, the members of Pumpkin Scissors diligently work to relieve the war damage suffered by the people and root out the corruption that's taken hold, and truly be the 'war relief' they were meant to.

During a mission three years after the unit was founded, Pumpkin Scissors stumble across a mysterious war veteran, Randel Oland, who joins them, entranced with the concept of 'war relief'. It doesn't take long for other members of S.S. III to notice his peculiar blue lantern and heavy gun, and that the unit he says he belonged to in the war...doesn't exist.

Media-Type: DVD Dual-Audio  DVD Dual-Audio DVD Dual-Audio

Tags: Corrupt Military, European Stylized, German Names, Nobility, Postwar Setting, Tanks

Episode list
Nr. Name CRC32
01 The Invisible 9 3F8E7B11
02 War Relief Unit 08D37746
03 For That is a Precious Thing 55233340
04 The Cracked Portrait AC854D9E
05 Shallow-Minded Men 6CD59347
06 A Fruitful Time 44E4728F
07 The One Who Leads and the One Who Follows 39CF2619
08 Burn in the Snowfields 11D67725
09 The Woman in the Morning Mist 4C90D779
10 Pumpkins and Scissors 311AE360
11 The Quiet Quickening 976A9ABD
12 Unseen Pain 72F777F2
13 Crude but Elegant 51E08486
14 The Flame Still Burns A6FEDE8F
15 Decisions Run Astray 5DC5274E
16 The One Who Slashes A07A44D5
17 The Darkness that Cannot be Saved 0A2A5B55
18 A Small Military Power 11148A61
19 A Sweet Trap EC685489
20 Enter the Performers BCD95D8A
21 The Puppet and the Idol B46E052E
22 Lonely Scales B9FB7F42
23 And Then, An Alluring Trap B8A4BB84
24 The Military, the Commoners and the Nobility EC11490A