Mobile Fighter G Gundam
Mobile Fighter G Gundam Created to celebrate the franchise's fifteenth anniversary, Mobile Fighter G Gundam was Gundam's first foray into alternate universes.

In the year Future Century 60, most humans have left the polluted Earth behind and moved into space. To prevent war, the colonies have agreed on a Gundam Fight to decide control of the colonies for four years at a time.

This year, Neo Japan's Domon Kasshu, the King of Hearts, hopes to win with his Shining Gundam, but he hasn't come to Earth simply to win the Gundam Fight. His concurrent mission is to track down and destroy the Devil Gundam which has escaped from Neo Japan and threatens to destroy the entire planet.

Media-Type: DVD Dual-Audio  DVD Dual-Audio DVD Dual-Audio

Tags: Action, Martial Arts, Mecha, Parody, Piloted Robots, SciFi, Super Power

Episode list
Nr. Name CRC32
01 The Gundam Fight Begings! The Gundam that Fell to Earth 19900355
02 Roar of the Winning Punch! EA670219
03 Beat the Dragon Gundam 1615EF76
04 Challenge! The Red Rose Knight A54FF25A
05 Great Escape! A Captive Gundam Fighter 67AFF6EA
06 Fight, Domon! Earth is the Ring! D925DE94
07 Prepare to Fight! Desperate Fugitive 672B40E5
08 An Old Grudge! Revenge of the Space Police 21062A38
09 Powerful Enemy! Chapman's Heroic Challenge 433E75EB
10 Terror of the Phantom Fighter! B5304609
11 Reunion in the Falling Rain 63FE94DA
12 He's the Undefeated of the East! Master Asia Appears 91E80FF1
13 Big Trouble! Domon vs. Big 5 652F7E00
14 Shocking! Shining Finder Defeated! 4853FEF2
15 Warrior's Crest... Goodbye Shuffle Alliance 030AE770
16 Ultimate Power and Evil! Rise of the Dark Gundam 259BFA55
17 Challenge! The Mysterious Masked Fighter 02E9F18F
18 Steal the Secret! Scheme of the Beautiful Warriors DCDD773C
19 Fierce Battle! Dragon Gundam vs. Bolt Gundam 18622FDE
20 George, Beat the Nightmare! 348408D9
21 The Final Battle Approaches! Only 3 Days Away 09BB57BB
22 Breakthrough! Warriors' Strong Ties 7A7E0E4B
23 Destined Battle! Domon vs. Devil Gundam 2D66882B
24 Bright New Star! The Birth of the God Gundam 96B890AD
25 All Fighters Gathered! The Final Battles Begin! B9C43989
26 A New Weapon! Erupting God Finger! BAF8C7A6
27 Hang On, Domon! Triumph of the Restored Faith 2A39B73B
28 Domon Targeted! The Assassin's Staff CB037308
29 Running Away! Sai Saici in Love 739FF2D6
30 Beautiful Fighter! Dangerous Allenby FEFA664A
31 Dazzling Power of the Clown! Get Mad, Gundam Maxter! E2B2907B
32 Dangerous Trap! Neros Gundam Strikes Back 05E7B667
33 Emissary of Darkness! Chapman Rises Again ACC414C2
34 Stand Up, Domon! Raging Tag Team Match! 1B7B330D
35 Showdown! Bursting Machinegun Punch! 6248F93C
36 A Knight's Pride! Gundam Rose Stolen BD1A9553
37 Sai Saichi's New Attack! Blazing Dragon Gundam 07D2B3B9
38 Domon vs. Argo! Charging Bolt Gundam 12B500BC
39 The Ultimate Attack! Duel With Master Asia 9E137842
40 A Ruthless Fight! Schwarz's Last Match 0399D211
41 Battle Royale Begins! Devil Gundam Revived 529EB144
42 Assault of the Four Evil Kings! Gundam Heaven's Sword B94CE58A
43 Royal Counterattack! Ambush of the Grand Gundam BE03C83A
44 Schwarz Rests in Grace! Domon's Tearful Attack 7A186441
45 Farewell, Master! Master Asia's Last Breath 60B33BB7
46 Rain's Crisis! Return of the Devil Gundam 1F01352A
47 Devil Colony Activated! Attack of the Shuffle Alliance BD93F3CE
48 Earth's SOS! Gundam Federation Rescue 1182E797
49 God Gundam's Great Triumph! A Hopeful Future...Ready! Go! D3782C95