RideBack * Based on a manga by Kasahara Tetsurou. In a future world where an organization called the GGP has taken control of the world, Ogata Rin was a promising up-and-comming ballet dancer, but suffered a serious injury and decided to quit. Years later in college she comes across a club building and soon finds herself intrigued by a transforming motorcycle like vehicle called a Rideback. She discovers that her unique ballet skills with balance and finesse make her a born natural on a Rideback. However, those same skills also get her into serious trouble with the government.

Media-Type: DVD Dual-Audio  DVD Dual-Audio DVD Dual-Audio

Tags: Clubs, Manga, Mecha, Military, Seinen, Transforming Robots

Episode list
Nr. Name CRC32
01 The Crimson Iron Horse 8A36445D
02 Challenge from Tamayo! S.L.F. ~ Spread Legs Form 098B4A77
03 And There's the Flag 7F5EAA3F
04 A Close Call forShoko FBCD3CF9
05 The Mysterious RideBack Girl FCCF0E7D
06 The Lightning-Fast RideBack 4B1B1CCF
07 Crime and Punishment 6C707B80
08 Get Ride! The Chosen One BBF43B97
09 In the Sunny Garden D9C4007A
10 Master of the War 7B4C14FE
11 Cloudy Followed by Occasional Rain... D85A91A2
12 To the Stage of Light B25EC2E3