Kekkaishi Sumimura Yoshimori is a normal 14-year-old middle-school student, though he always falls asleep in class. This is however due to his night duties, in which he takes on the role of a Kekkaishi (Barrier Master).

Together with Yukimura Tokine, his neighbor and childhood friend (/sweetheart), he serves as a protector for the school which holds a few ancient secrets. These secrets are slowly being unraveled, which may play a role in Yoshimori's ultimate plans.

Media-Type: DVD Dual-Audio  DVD Dual-Audio DVD Dual-Audio

Tags: Action, Contemporary Fantasy, Demons, Fantasy, Manga, Shounen, Super Power

Episode list
Nr. Name CRC32
01 Scars 9926FCE6
02 Yoshimori and Tokine 06F66731
03 The Beautiful Demon Tamer 3BF6C6FC
04 Her Treasure FF289ADB
05 The Sweet Ghost BC0B1B39
06 Night Blooms of Karasumori CD91C864
07 The Best Cake in the World 2752B699
08 A Day in the Life of Yoshimori 04872293
09 A Dangerous Teacher 8169302D
10 Shikigami Chocolate Battle 258BA4AD
11 Koya and Madarao 16BB97B7
12 Sealing the Demon Dog FE6C87BE
13 Masamori Sumimura Chief of the Night Troops A8D79977
14 Masamori's Scheme 2311ECCC
15 Yoshimori's Ambition 3A31B6E3
16 Lord Uro of the Colorless Marsh 08805EFA
17 The Divine Field 52C5AD61
18 A Day in the Life of Toshimori 46E96F90
19 Assault of the White Feathers 93CE3B97
20 The Ominous Spy 03FDAFF1
21 Gen Shishio The Heartless Transfer Student 4D815151
22 Emissary From The Shadow Organization 327E5E87
23 In Pursuit of the Legitimate Heir 3C8A75F0
24 A Crush on Gen 3A9CBECD
25 Tokine and the Prince E5A6B33E
26 A Night Without Yoshimori 822C8CB8
27 Council of Twelve 5B723D3B
28 The Kokuboro's Declaration of War EC48079F
29 Seal of Dispelling DAC03C43
30 The Right Person for Karasumori D5512A16
31 Gen's Dark Past 7D89FFCC
32 A Challenge from Atora B59E0B51
33 Hurry Grandpa Shige C086F5F3
34 Call of Darkness 0D038842
35 The Kokuboro Draws Near 104FE532
36 Karasumori in Flames CDFD127F
37 Gen Shishio's Last Stand 8773AF3A
38 Requiem EC2F1FE8
39 The Mystery of Karasumori 7B3642D2
40 A Passage to Kokuboro 7DEB1008
41 Days in Training CAB88D13
42 Night Troops Arrive 1E036C93
43 Resurgence D2ADA54C
44 The Battle of Karasumori FEBF23D6
45 Kokuboro`s Hostage D19A9514
46 Through the Maze ADF77576
47 Byaku and Matsudo A1C61230
48 The Collapsing Castle 747454EF
49 Flower of Sorrow 610AC622
50 The Final Battle! B97DACAB
51 Yoshimori and Kaguro 076AB2EA
52 The End of Kokuboro E37A2284