Princess Resurrection
Princess Resurrection * Based on a manga by Mitsunaga Yasunori serialised in Monthly Shounen Sirius.

Hiyorimi Hiro has just moved to the city to meet his sister. Since their parents died, he and his sister Sawawa have lived apart. Now, Sawawa has gotten a new job as the caretaker of a creepy old mansion, and has sent Hiro a letter asking him to come and stay there with her. While walking down the street, he saves a young woman clad in Gothic clothes from being crushed by construction beams, but ends up losing his own life in the process. The girl then resurrects him, leaving him alive in the hospital morgue. He wakes up confused over what happened, only to encounter the woman again as she eliminates some wolf creatures. She addresses Hiro as her servant and introduces herself as Hime (Japanese for "Princess") and explains that she is a member of the royal family of the Monster Realm.

All members of the royal family are endowed with the power to turn a dead body into an immortal warrior, who will serve and protect them, and become semi-immortal. Hiro is now Hime's immortal warrior, but she herself is not immortal yet, which is why she needs help from warriors. The story then follows Hiro as he assists Hime in killing creatures that have been sent by her siblings to attack her in the competition for the Monster Kingdom's throne.

Media-Type: DVD Dual-Audio  DVD Dual-Audio DVD Dual-Audio

Tags: Action, Contemporary Fantasy, Fantasy, Horror, Maids, Manga, Shounen

Episode list
Nr. Name CRC32
01 Princess Resurrection A3C0A965
02 Princess Destruction B7647998
03 Princess Rampage 95322C93
04 Princess Negotiation D2E3C62B
05 Princess Bloodline 5AAD1F70
06 Princess Alliance F5B8E7D9
07 Princess Electric Shock 46290EB7
08 Princess Locked Room BBD03391
09 Princess Black and White 2A006250
10 Princess Reminiscence 950C73E9
11 Princess Cat Tongue 180A7830
12 Princess Attrition 1950D2AB
13 Princess Sacrifice 515EC387
14 Princess Dead Sprint E5BB9728
15 Princess Visitation 3FC2C43F
16 Princess Succession D4F28518
17 Princess Maturation 71138C90
18 Princess Hunter FAE387A9
19 Princess Ocean 87CF2822
20 Princess Connection A199CC41
21 Princess Banishment 0D1F6445
22 Princess Carnage 818D6A41
23 Princess Zombie AB177368
24 Princess Duel D0D95F65
25 Princess Delinquent 9819860C
26 Princess Comatose F68A7B70