Skull Man
Skull Man Set in an alternate history of Japan, freelance photographer Minagami Hayato returns to his hometown of Ootomo to investigate rumors of a man wearing a skull mask committing murders there. Once in the city, he discovers connections between the victims and a local pharmaceutical company, a new religious sect, and strange half human, half animal creatures. Along with a young photographer, he decides to find out who the Skull Man really is.

Media-Type: DVD Single-Audio  DVD Single-Audio DVD Single-Audio

Tags: Action, Detective, Seinen, Super Power

Episode list
Nr. Name CRC32
01 City of the Dancing Mask 5E7BD319
02 The Man From the Past 1A31E779
03 Crimson Rain Falls in the Afternoon 204756AD
04 The Ghost That Goes For A Stroll D5224688
05 The False Blind Spot 5320D852
06 Banquet of the Grim Reaper 181EC2D6
07 Master of the Beasts A067470B
08 The Maiden Whispers in the Moonlight A1DE93DA
09 Blessed are the Impure CB3822FA
10 The Circus Laughs at Midnight D3DE9E20
11 Darkness, Take My Hand ED08A61A
12 Bloody Eve 8C03D977
13 Black Fable 7652766C