Best Student Council
Best Student Council Randou Rino lost her mother a year ago, and has been on her own since then. Now her savings are running low and she has to rely on her penpal, Mr. Poppitt. Her penpal offers to set Rino up at a new school and a new apartment, but things seem a bit strange when she arrives. What kind of high school has Assault and Covert Divisions in its School Council?!

Media-Type: DVD Dual-Audio  DVD Dual-Audio DVD Dual-Audio

Tags: Comedy, Coming of Age, Contemporary Fantasy, Fantasy, High School, School Life, Shoujo Ai, Slapstick

Episode list
Nr. Name CRC32
01 Dear Mister Popitt FE3DFB9A
02 Gushing Youth 8543220A
03 Payapaya In The Best Dormitory 77D2EFB4
04 A Brilliantly Clever Approach 936E8BA6
05 A Beautiful Battle 40453FD9
06 Terror! The Curse Of Pucchan B33E9293
07 Another Best Day 24200A03
08 Good-bye Best Student Council 5FD904CA
09 Cant Throw Away Love 5C27F1DA
10 Dont Let Her Wear A Swimsuit BC348B9A
11 Winning Five 15542EED
12 It Was On A Rainy Day DAA3C0B8
13 Minamo Friend Or Foe 343B1565
14 Desperately Poor Student Council 30F2910E
15 The Reason Why I Am Here 7B26019C
16 I Want You To Be Here 73882202
17 Keep On Lying! 69EC6BCB
18 Hitoshi Sato The 28 Year Old Lawyer From A Rich Family Who Couldnt Possibly Be A Better Catch 36AC6641
19 Goodbye My Dear Friend 5B10B538
20 Ayu-Chan Becomes An Idol 4ED1D31E
21 Always Rein On The Sunny Days BB7840D7
22 The Best Card Battle C5F79155
23 Genius Girl Detective Team 41E71001
24 Because I Miss You 06F51D91
25 The Voices On The Wind C2B30E34
26 Another Best Day 02FA429F