I'll / Crazy KOUZO Basketball Club
I'll / Crazy KOUZO Basketball Club This anime is based on "I'll" (AIRU) manga about basketball. This two volume OVA took the story from the popular chapter of the match between "Kokufutsu (Kouzu?) High School" and "Kokutai Training Camp Association" from the manga. It's also focusing on the friendship between Tachibana Akane and Hiiragi Hitonari. Very shounen anime about two arrogant guys trying to beat each other. Friends, but also sworn enemies.

Media-Type: DVD Dual-Audio  DVD Dual-Audio DVD Dual-Audio

Tags: Action, Basketball, Clubs, Manga, School Life, Shounen, Sports

Episode list
Nr. Name CRC32
01 Standing Cross Road 8B3488CD
02 The Day When Boys Look up at The Sky. Primitive Rude Flowers 3F077E51