Guin Saga
Guin Saga "The seal will be broken after many years". In the land of Nospherus, four heroes embark on a patch of destiny that will weave a new legend. The story follows Guin, a powerful swordsman with a leopard head, the adolescent royal twins Remus and Rinda, and the young and ambitious mercenary named Istvan.

The Guin Saga is an epic heroic fantasy in the same vein as Robert E. Howard's Conan, the Barbarian. More than a hundred novels published, Guin's saga has sold more than twenty-five million copies in Japan.

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Tags: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Feudal Warfare, High Fantasy, Novel, Shounen, Swordplay

Episode list
Nr. Name CRC32
01 Masked Leopard 91D4860C
02 Fortress of the Dark Count D774BB96
03 Crimson Mercenary D266A324
04 Crossing the River of Death 166BBFA1
05 Destined Meeting 3A86B546
06 Gathering of the Semites D9F4980F
07 The Battle of Nospherus FFDD3860
08 Meeting with the Wolf 979F8F5A
09 Prisoner of the Lagon 86928362
10 Frontier King FFD69C8F
11 The Soldiers 8A954460
12 New Destiny C58B1DB9
13 To The Sea 14556444
14 Ship of Light Woman of Light A62BDEBB
15 Reunion 00CD4804
16 Quickening E18FC709
17 Farewell MyBeloved (First Half) A042C21D
18 Farewell My Beloved (Second Half) 25643628
19 Mirage 9965FEDD
20 The Crimson Messenger B21BEAA9
21 The Crystal Revolt 2E04388E
22 The Goddess of Revenge A659DDA0
23 No Matter What Star Guides Us A1A6C73C
24 The Last Day of the Mongoles 4FFFE716
25 The Battle against Fate 3DEB88C3
26 A Journey Begins 8BA3290F