Okami-san and Her Seven Companions
Okami-san and Her Seven Companions The story centres around Ookami Ryouko, a high school freshman girl known for her fierce looks, unusual canine teeth when she smiles, and wild demeanour (her family name is homonymous with the Japanese word for wolf). Akai Ringo is a short high school freshman girl with seemingly cute, angelic looks but a dark demeanour (her name is a Japanese wordplay on apple and Red Riding Hood). Together with their odd friends, the two fight to change the world, one issue at a time.

Media-Type: BluRay Dual-Audio  BluRay Dual-Audio BluRay Dual-Audio

Tags: Clubs, Comedy, Delinquents, Fantasy, Novel, Parody, Romance, School Life, Seinen

Episode list
Nr. Name CRC32
01 Otogi Bank Companions 9D240F75
02 The Liar And Ryoshi F6E4E8EB
03 Tortoise And The Hare 53C54778
04 Otsu's Favor Repayments 777D0D0E
05 Oni Hunting With Momo EA3539D3
06 Akazukin And Ryoshi 65E62EAA
07 Double Date With Jizou 916E6DEE
08 Mouse Bride Search 58629F73
09 Snow White 6C9A5DA9
10 Otogi Bank's Long Day C222377A
11 Wolf In Sheep's Clothing 4E5D85DF
12 Girl Who Doesn't Sell Matches A5289CF0