Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam The year is Universal Century 0087. Seven years have passed since the end of the One Year War. In its zeal to stamp out any remaining opposition, the Earth Federation has organized the Titans, an elite fighting force. However, the Titans soon get out of hand, committing atrocities on par with the worst the Principality of Zeon had to offer during the war. In response, dissatisified citizens, former Zeon soldiers, and even members of the Earth Federal Forces form a resistance group known as the Anti-Earth Union Group, or AEUG. As the next war is brewing, a small AEUG group arrives at Side 7 to investigate the new Gundam Mk. II...

Media-Type: DVD Dual-Audio  DVD Dual-Audio DVD Dual-Audio

Tags: Action, Angst, Human Enhancement, Mecha, Military, Piloted Robots, Romance, Sci-Fi, Space Travel, Transforming Robots, Violence

Episode list
Nr. Name CRC32
01 Black Gundam BA8427A1
02 Departure 4A2D2DC3
03 Inside the Capsule 78244E99
04 Emma's Decision 9DF69803
05 Father and Son 1BD235E8
06 To Earth 0DEE7BB0
07 Escape from Side One BA5D47C4
08 The Dark Side of the Moon C588B537
09 A New Bond 958676C6
10 Reunion ED82C017
11 Entering the Atmosphere B6AA111E
12 The Winds of Jaburo 43FF5FB8
13 Shuttle Launch 90F03641
14 Amuro Flies Again 7E9161AF
15 Katz's Sortie 18B1D598
16 Through the Haze of Darkness FFD7C1EC
17 Hong Kong City 576B4385
18 Mirai Captured A8B72867
19 Cinderella Four C0E17CC4
20 The Heated Escape 239E5DF5
21 A Sign of Zeta DE6BE0C7
22 The Eyes of Scirocco B098927B
23 Moon Attack 30DAD576
24 Counterattack CDFFFFB9
25 Colony Drop 469208ED
26 The Ghost of Zeon D5D94249
27 Rendezvous with Char D661738C
28 The Jupitris Infiltration ECA0AB7E
29 Crisis at Side 2 B64BFEFC
30 Jerid's Desperate Attack D6E16B60
31 Half Moon Love 82F2D1CA
32 Unidentified Mobile Suits 10E07D87
33 The Messenger From Axis ED93BBE9
34 The Call of Darkness DA46935C
35 Storm Over Kilimanjaro 36275782
36 Forever Four 1946304D
37 The Day of Dakar 4538A41B
38 Reccoa's Shadow 89F502B0
39 By the Lake 1D24308A
40 Activation of Gryps 00638B3D
41 The Awakening 8981631F
42 Goodbye Rosamia A498D32E
43 Haman`s Sneer 189F83A6
44 The Gate Of Zedan B38F6434
45 Celestial Body 457959FA
46 Scirocco Steps Forward 7CAC95DA
47 Universal Maelstrom 441AFC17
48 From Rosamia`s Heart BE00DFB1
49 Scattered Souls E5DD587B
50 Run Through The Cosmos 661BA04F