Betterman AD 2006, Mankind encounters a mysterious Phenomenon called "Algernon". Nothing is known about Algernon, all people involved with Algernon are dead. One day, the mysterious phenomenon Algernon happened at an underground Amusement park where our hero Keita met our heroine Hinoki, driving "Kakuseijin". Keita and Hinoki encounter a lot of mysteries and monsters. What is "Algernon"? And what is "Better man"? Why does Better man help when Hinoki and Keita are in danger? The never ending nightmare has started.

Media-Type: DVD Dual-Audio  DVD Dual-Audio DVD Dual-Audio

Tags: Action, Conspiracy, Genetic Modification, Mecha, Piloted Robot, Sci-Fi, Super Power

Episode list
Nr. Name CRC32
01 Darkness 560C2A62
02 Voice BBAABCC1
03 Sky 3689CAC1
04 Awaken 95411F31
05 Hell 645A7FF2
06 Echo C7D7EE6A
07 Forte 754CF09D
08 Poison B34ECC64
09 Aqua B0F6F6F1
10 Worms A2BD79A1
11 Nebula 8477F997
12 Dragon DB7B799F
13 Nectar 2A644D0F
14 Soul CEB67380
15 Shadow 6DE51826
16 Revelation 8C21BF1B
17 Dream 13B6AD82
18 Hunger 5C9776DA
19 Mirror 33159E55
20 Trap 07BF144B
21 Death D841CF95
22 Life 7FAE4E2A
23 Offering CF8E3822
24 Depature 9A2A2539
25 Memory 33EE75D5
26 Nothingness 1006E72F