Freedom More than 160 years has passed since the orbital station (Skyport) fell on earth and wiped out all of humanity. The moon colony, Eden, has survived and expanded. In the year 2267, at the age of fifteen, Takeru is taking full advantage of Freedom - the short interlude between the end of compulsory education and the rite of becoming a full citizen. He has taken to hanging out with his friends and running his custom built vehicle in the local races. Angry at a racing loss, he goes for walk outside of the dome and stumbles across some strange items and pictures scattered about in a crater on the surface of the moon. Entranced by a picture of a girl standing under a blue sky, Takeru begins to ask questions that the Eden's ruling Foundation does not want answered.

For unknown reasons, The Foundation has perpetuated the myth that all life on earth has been wiped out and is willing to take extraordinary steps to keep the secret secure.

Media-Type: BluRay Dual-Audio  BluRay Dual-Audio BluRay Dual-Audio

Tags: Action, Adventure, Dystopia, Manga, Motorsport, Post-apocalypse, Sci-Fi, Sports

Episode list
Nr. Name CRC32
01 Episode 1 D7D8B548
02 Episode 2 069C74FF
03 Episode 3 A11B7314
04 Episode 4 71B663CF
05 Episode 5 029888D5
06 Episode 6 01ABF060
07 Episode 7 84A1F379