Psycho-Pass In the future, it is possible to quantitatively measure a person's emotions, desires, and every inclination. In this way, it is also possible to measure a person's criminal tendency factor, which is used to judge criminals.

This is the story of a team of policemen dedicated to maintaining public order. Some of them work in the Enforcement Division, responsible for the apprehension of criminals, while others belong to the Supervisory Division which oversees their colleagues in Enforcement.

Media-Type: BluRay Dual-Audio  BluRay Dual-Audio BluRay Dual-Audio

Tags: Action, Cyberpunk, Dystopia, Law and Order, Sci-Fi, Seinen, Special Squads, Violence

Episode list
Nr. Name CRC32
01 Crime Coefficient 99186471
02 Those Capable 8091A966
03 Rearing Conventions 2A66D99A
04 Nobody Knows Your Mask 2354E857
05 Nobody Knows Your Face 13F16067
06 Return of the Psychotic Prince 60DEE37F
07 Symbolism of Bletilla Striata 236B4BFC
08 And Then, Silence 9A7BB6D4
09 Paradise Fruit 0AB6991C
10 Methuselah`s Game BE4E6BF5
11 Saint`s Supper 212968F7
12 Devil`s Crossroad 28D06540
13 Invitation from the Abyss 67815030
14 Sweet Poison E1835CE2
15 The Town Where Sulfur Falls 1F7A5728
16 The Gate to Judgment ACA040C0
17 Iron Heart ABA76E27
18 A Promise Written on Water 7DC6C68E
19 Transparent Shadow D8ECD033
20 Where Justice Lies 3368BE63
21 Blood-Stained Reward A6264CB7
22 Perfect World EB5EF845