Dokkoida?! * Based on a light novel series written by Achi Tarou with illustrations by Yagami Yuu.

Sakurazaki Suzuo is a below average college student at a magnet school. Coming from the country he is trying to find a part-time job in the big city to pay his rent. Due to the economic slump this turns out to be a lot more difficult than he had imagined.

After saving a cat from traffic, seeing hero potential in Suzuo, an alien girl Tanpopo tries to scout him for a job as tester for the toy company, Otankonasu. Suzuo initially declines this offer. But when the A-class hardcore criminal alien, Doctor Marron Flower destroys Suzuo's neighbourhood, thus also destroying any local part-time job opportunity, Suzuo becomes desperate enough to accept Tanpopo's job offer. She puts a mysterious toy-like belt on Suzuo, that actually transforms into a powered suit, created to fight criminal aliens!

And so the utterly confused Suzuo turns into Dokkoida, ready to fight crime for the Galaxy Federation Police and save the Universe... or maybe not so much.

Media-Type: DVD Dual-Audio  DVD Dual-Audio DVD Dual-Audio

Tags: Action, Alien, Comedy, humanoid alien, Large Breasts, Manga, Mecha, Parody, power suit, science fiction

Episode list
Nr. Name CRC32
01 Enter Dokkoida! C5BC96A6
02 Purple Hair, How Hip Can Ya Get ADE69C6B
03 Dokkoida vs Edelweiss 6511E235
04 The Strange Neighbor, Sayuri 0FFF65DE
05 Allowance Increase! BAFB2ED4
06 The Pool Cycle Race B57C2AD3
07 Kurika's Dream 3B38CF51
08 Little Sister Love! C7BB6EBC
09 Some Like It Hot! B185FEAC
10 Mogumokkuru's Makeover A8BDE89E
11 Cosmos House's Last Hour 65755EAA
12 Battle of Zealousness 90230342