Eureka 7
Eureka 7 Eureka Seven tells the story of a 14 year-old named Renton who lives with his mechanic grandfather, and whose life is thrown somewhat off-kilter when a mech called Nirvash crashes into his house one day and a young girl called Eureka pops up asking for help to repair it. Shortly after, the military mechs get involved.

Media-Type: DVD Dual-Audio  DVD Dual-Audio DVD Dual-Audio

Tags: Action, Airforce, Aliens, Angst, Coming of Age, Mecha, Military, Piloted Robots, Post-apocalyptic, Romance, SciFi, Shounen, Violence

Episode list
Nr. Name CRC32
01 Blue Monday 9F8B0BE8
02 Blue Sky Fish 3981825F
03 Motion Blue FB242FB1
04 Watermelon 28E27BCB
05 Vivid Bit B21CDCC3
06 Childhood 6702AA74
07 Absolute Defeat 31EF432A
08 Glorious Brilliance 9CBA13FD
09 Paper Moon-Shine 1D31CFE5
10 Higher Than The Sun 9D58F1C4
11 Into The Nature C257C72D
12 Acperience 1 94A2982C
13 The Beginning F67BDB6D
14 Memory Band 593F154D
15 Human Behaviour C00E8C4D
16 Opposite View 5E768BCB
17 Sky Rock Gate E945CA0F
18 Ill Communication CAE4BA40
19 Acperience 2 C92D6CBF
20 Substance Abuse 91718BEF
21 Runaway D195D1A6
22 Crack Pot 5C3380DE
23 Differentia ED878C40
24 Paradise Lost E0B0E7CE
25 World's End Garden 4FF81D58
26 Morning Glory B6EC12E0
27 Helter Skelter 7F5E1B25
28 Memento Mori C005F03F
29 Keep On Movin 53E460DC
30 Change Of Life 3FF4BFEC
31 Animal Attack 8B9ED13F
32 Start it Up 5B18885A
33 Pacific State 6C30C439
34 Inner Flight F24143D8
35 Astral Apache F992C335
36 Fantasia CBD3938C
37 Raise Your Hand 8C58076A
38 Date of Birth 8BF59DC8
39 Join the Future 8F634A04
40 Cosmic Trigger 79718B8B
41 Acperience 3 833EAE8D
42 Star Dancer 10C1198D
43 The Sunshine Underground BB38E30E
44 It's All In The Mind 004A99C4
45 Don't You Want Me 80BCFEDF
46 Planet Rock E926A442
47 Acperience 4 7ED3F6EF
48 Ballet M�canique 8BD3FFF9
49 Shout to the Top 63608853
50 When You Wish Upon A Star F2AA8C94