Tsukihime - Lunar Legend
Tsukihime - Lunar Legend Toono Shiki was involved in a major accident in his childhood. He was so severely injured that people thought he was dead, but he miraculously survived. However, due to that incident, Shiki is sent away from the Toono household and put into the care of a distant relative's family.

Ever since the accident Shiki has changed. He now sees lines at which things and living beings completely "break" when stabbed with a blade. Troubled by this ability, young Shiki is given a pair of glasses by a women he calls Teacher, which stop the "lines of death" from being seen. Thanks to this, Shiki was able to live normally up until now.

But then he receives a sobering letter. The head of the Toono household ? his father's household ? has died. By orders of the new head of the household, he must return at once to the Toono house.

Shiki, now a high school student, thus returns to the Toono household, where all does not seem to be right...

Media-Type: DVD Dual-Audio  DVD Dual-Audio DVD Dual-Audio

Tags: Contemporary Fantasy, erotic game, Fantasy, game, Horror, Romance, Seinen, Super Power, Tragedy, Vampire, Violence, visual novel

Episode list
Nr. Name CRC32
01 Reversal Impulse 4A9885F1
02 Black Beast BE04EFEC
03 Mystic Eyes of Death Perception 6B47FD55
04 Garden of a Cradle 7EB6323A
05 A Bow of the Sky FAAC618B
06 White Dream EF2E67B5
07 Blue Sin Mark 0D3FD89B
08 Origami 4ACEA0F1
09 Death C43D1BE3
10 Vermillion Crimson Moon 4E7A391D
11 Misfortunate Night 03C5ABE5
12 Lunar World 5153F7E3