Master of Martial Hearts
Master of Martial Hearts * Conceived as a multimedia mix project with ten companies producing ten different works, including a pachinko slot, a PC game, a manga, an anime OVA and more, employing original character designs by Happoubi Jin.

High school junior Iseshima Aya's carefree live takes a bone-crushingly violent turn when she wanders into the midst of a sadistic, girl-on-girl martial arts tournament. Her freshly pressed school uniform does not stand a chance of surviving this pugilistic peep show, but Aya's out to prove that she can take a pounding just as well as the other knock-outs in this clandestine competition.

If she manages to survive a series of fabric-shredding fights with titillating teachers, sultry stewardesses, and mesmerising maidens of the moe variety, Aya's every wish will be granted by a mysterious jewel known as the Platonic Heart. But if she goes down for the count, she will join the growing ranks of brutally bruised yet resiliently buxom beauties that are never heard from again!

Media-Type: DVD Dual-Audio  DVD Dual-Audio DVD Dual-Audio

Tags: Action, Ecchi, female student, Large Breasts, Martial Arts, new, Violence

Episode list
Nr. Name CRC32
01 Destiny Sprints into Motion 4769E14A
02 A Reason to Fight FC963CF1
03 Three Sisters Sworn Enemies 6407A15E
04 Silenty Like Secrets E47AB94E
05 Flames C47E3F78