Mermaid Forest
Mermaid Forest According to an ancient legend, mermaid's flesh can grant immortality if eaten. 500 years ago, Yuuta unknowingly ate a piece of mermaid's flesh. For centuries, he travels across Japan, hoping to find a mermaid, thinking she may be able to make him a normal human again. When he finally finds one, he discovers that she and her companions have been raising a girl to be their food so they can eat her and take on her youthful looks. That is how mermaids stay young. Yuuta kills the mermaids and rescues the girl, but she has already eaten some of the mermaid's flesh. Although he had to kill the mermaids, Yuuta isn't too disappointed because Yuuta's once lonely existence is now over, as he has found a companion in Mana. And Mana, who had been trapped in a small hut her whole life, finds delight in even the simplest of things. Together, Yuuta and Mana attempt to seek out more mermaids, trying to become normal humans again.

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Note: The story of 1991 OVA Ningyo no Mori (Mermaid Forest) is re-told in episodes 4-5 and the story of 1993 OVA Ningyo no Kizu (Mermaid's Scar) is re-told in episodes 12-13.

Media-Type: DVD Dual-Audio  DVD Dual-Audio DVD Dual-Audio

Tags: Fantasy, Horror, Manga, Seinen, Tragedy, Violence

Episode list
Nr. Name CRC32
01 Mermaid Does Not Smile 7A73E555
02 Village of the Fighting Fish (Part I) 75FBFE93
03 Village of the Fighting Fish (Part II) B020E7AD
04 Mermaid Forest (Part I) FC9197C9
05 Mermaid Forest (Part II) 9E8B751D
06 The End of the Dream 8E59A7DE
07 Bone Princess CDEFBF51
08 The Last Face (Part I) 18364937
09 The Last Face (Part II) 83CF0BBE
10 Promised Tomorrow (Part I) 294457E5
11 Promised Tomorrow (Part II) 41273FDB
12 Mermaid's Scar (Part I) 9D5192F9
13 Mermaid's Scar (Part II) E89D6673