Mirage of Blaze: Rebels of the River Edge
Mirage of Blaze: Rebels of the River Edge * Based on the popular novel by Kuwabara Mizuna.

Takaya Oogi is a street smart high school student, dedicated to protecting his best friend Yuzuru Narita. The two are wrapped up in an ancient war of darkness and tragedy, begun during Japan's chaotic Warring States Period. The psychic powers of long ago find new life in the hearts of Takaya and Yuzuru. Rival clansmen seek to destroy them, fulfilling the wishes of the long dead warlord, Shingen Takeda. Mizuna Kurabara's acclaimed novels become an animated story of possession, destiny, and the beauty of darkness.

Note: Mirage of Blaze has over 30 volumes spanning for over 14 years. This OVA covers the 9th volume of the novel, while the 13 eps TV series covers volume 1-8.

Media-Type: DVD Dual-Audio  DVD Dual-Audio DVD Dual-Audio

Tags: Angst, Contemporary Fantasy, Fantasy, Novel, Samurai, Shounen Ai

Episode list
Nr. Name CRC32
01 Dearest Wish D8DDB1C4
02 Tiger's Eye B12443EF
03 Wind of the River's Edge 3F30F176