Soukyuu no Fafner
Soukyuu no Fafner "Are you there?"
It was a peaceful and calm island... the blue sky and the blue sea reach as far as one can see. For the boys and girls living there, another day was supposed to begin as usual.

"Are you there?"
Then one day, the boys and girls suddenly began to receive a message. The moment they replied, a stream of light flashed in the blue sky. Seemingly beautiful, the enemy suddenly appeared, heralding an apparently hopeless future for mankind.

How should they have replied in order to live?
A boy, Makabe Kazuki, decides to pilot a Fafner in order to live and to escape from this bleak reality...

Media-Type: DVD Dual-Audio  DVD Dual-Audio DVD Dual-Audio

Tags: Action, Alien, Coming of Age, Genetic Modification, Human Enhancement, Mecha, Military, new, Piloted Robot, Post-apocalypse, Romance, science fiction, Tragedy

Episode list
Nr. Name CRC32
01 Beginning (Paradise) 47BF15C4
02 Life (Confession) 0AC21DB4
03 Truth (Labyrinth) 41C9C090
04 Departure (Escape) 296A0D47
05 Pledge (Promise) ED473508
06 Sacrifice (SoaringSky) D42EE8FB
07 Parent & Children (Family) 42D1E5AC
08 Koyo (Strife) 643CE151
09 Separation (Assimilation) A84D1060
10 Disintegration (Crossing Paths) 1E9505FB
11 Human Force (Old & New) 03A8CD61
12 Desperation (Absence) 2BE920E7
13 Festum (Erosion) 885450BA
14 Occupation (Awakening) 240D3C07
15 Scream (Memory) 0D57C372
16 Welcome Home (Friends) 81B31A7A
17 Device (Survival) 14571D7A
18 Memory (Father) F611433E
19 Sight (Maya) 9959CBE7
20 Light (Lantern) 90F06C43
21 Future (Sakura) B10BF445
22 Power (Protection) F1C6176E
23 Decoy (Pillage) 56243B32
24 MIR (Conversation) 4E2FE2C1
25 Symbiosis (The Final Battle) 8E553F99
26 The Sky (Azure) 99956562