Stratos 4
Stratos 4 The show centres on the adventures and friendships of four Bishojo girls with a backdrop of a huge sky and the universe beyond.

The year is 2xxx AD. Numerous comets have passed and detected in our solar system, and because of that, there are fears and unpredictable dangers that some of them may crashed upon the earth and will cause mass destruction on the planet.

Therefore, as a part of Cosmic Crisis Management, mankind built a comet impact "cemetery" above earth's satellite orbit. This comet impact cemetery equipped with Space Shock Machines that will eliminate those comets before they can reach the earth. Those space shock machines are flown by female pilots, who also known as the Storm Troops, and are armed with special missiles to destroy incoming comets into small pieces. Those girls are soon to be known as Comet Blasters and are very popular among people on earth.

On earth, in various places, many comet impact cemeteries were also made as second line of defence, so that in the event of large comet fragments passed the Comet Blasters, it can be destroyed by the Meteor Sweeper who fired special missiles from earth. At the same time, these comet impact cemeteries on earth provide training grounds where young pilots are trained to gain qualification as future Comet Blasters.

Media-Type: DVD Dual-Audio  DVD Dual-Audio DVD Dual-Audio

Tags: Action, air force, Alien, Ecchi, Military, new, parasite, science fiction

Episode list
Nr. Name CRC32
01 Initial Point 2132C379
02 Fox One 686EF98C
03 Decision Height E9D58945
04 Tally Ho! 5AE474C1
05 Go Around! 72C71C76
06 Checking Six 1BC8756E
07 Mach Speed 04AFAAF7
08 Go Gate FCA88DBC
09 Vapor Trail 37F012A5
10 Mission Abort F21A5882
11 Target Merge D059341C
12 Engage! 9B3B5E93
13 Final Approach 388F88B4