Xam'd: Lost Memories
Xam'd: Lost Memories * Exclusively available title to PlayStation Store's video download service for the PlayStation 3 and PSP consoles.

Takehara Akiyuki, lives on Sentan Island, a land that has preserved its status as a free and peaceful island in a world consumed by fighting between the Northern and Southern Governments. All of this changes when Akiyuki boards a bus along with a mysterious white-haired girl who transforms his arm with the lost memories and power of Xam'd.

As Xam'd, Akiyuki goes on a rampage and is saved when a foreign girl with red hair named Nakiami calms him down, taking him back to her postal vessel. Akiyuki now must gain control of his powers and use them against the Northern Government's latest weapons, known as Humanforms. Travelling the world on a postal vessel, Akiyuki hopes to return home one day, but until then he befriends other passengers on the boat.

Media-Type: DVD Dual-Audio  DVD Dual-Audio DVD Dual-Audio

Tags: Action, Coming of Age, Human Enhancement, Military, new, science fiction, Seinen

Episode list
Nr. Name CRC32
01 Xam'd at the Dawn of War D93A34EF
02 Blackout on Sentan Island FCD4D509
03 The Way to Freedom CFE69080
04 Enlightenment 0768E49C
05 Shattered Bonds 16CBB1DC
06 Live Fire 5237BFAF
07 Guardians of Stone 8560D2FA
08 Showdown at Tsumebara Pass 144AC8E8
09 The Astonishing Raigyo 85AE9C0D
10 Moving On 22752113
11 Assault The Zanbani 059D3F23
12 Flowers Blooming in the Dark 12FD4D71
13 Running Barefoot 642ABCA4
14 Cerulean Skies A2B43D55
15 Souls at Peace DA831982
16 Burning in Our Wake 9863D10A
17 Lambs to the Altar 3AF7B3FF
18 What Can you See From There 2C810AFC
19 Sudden Outbreak Romance Flowers Bloom 7025EC01
20 Watered With Tears A3BAE111
21 Sanctuary Breached 6F615DBD
22 Tojiro and Ryuzo CE8E2416
23 Hiruken Emperor Born 04FB11AA
24 Voices From Beyond 2B80195F
25 Nakiami and Sannova D7D07E92
26 The Great Rock and the Girl 4E7902E7