Unbreakable Machine-Doll
Unbreakable Machine-Doll During the early 20th century, along with technological advancements, scientists were able to develop sophisticated magic. The combination of science and sorcery was called Machinart: circuits made from spells that were put into objects to bring them to life and even gain a personality. It was developed as a military weapon and has spread throughout the world.

Akabane Raishin is now attending the Walpurgis Royal Academy of Machinart in Mechanical City to become the best puppeteer in the world. Accompanied by the lovely teenage girl Yaya, who is actually Raishin's puppet weapon, he plans on rocketing to the top of the class. However, his test scores come in nearly dead last, 1,235th of 1,236 to be exact, although his combat skills and determination are second to none. Raishin has to compete with the deadliest of classmates if he wants to come out on top.

Media-Type: BluRay Dual-Audio  BluRay Dual-Audio BluRay Dual-Audio

Tags: Action, android, Contemporary Fantasy, Fantasy, Magic, Mecha, Novel, Nudity, Proxy Battles, Romance, science fiction, Seinen, steampunk

Episode list
Nr. Name CRC32
01 Facing Cannibal Candy I C10310ED
02 Facing Cannibal Candy II 6EAF7950
03 Facing Cannibal Candy III AEBEFF50
04 Facing Cannibal Candy IV 1FAEEE51
05 Facing Sword Angel I BC168718
06 Facing Sword Angel II 44AF96D0
07 Facing Sword Angel III 0334E65E
08 Facing Sword Angel IV 0207DE91
09 Facing Elf Speeder I A3561EA7
10 Facing Elf Speeder II 32E0E061
11 Facing Elf Speeder III 99C9C11F
12 Facing Elf Speeder IV 6F531E24