Final Fantasy Unlimited
Final Fantasy Unlimited "One day, the black pillar appeared suddenly in the Sea of Japan. That is a gate which led to the another world, and monsters have invaded into our world from there.

Dr.Hayakawa who was famous for the research of the crust energy went to another world with his wife Marie, and they had come back safely. And, they wrote the book " Kairetsu no hi ( Day of the field row ) ". After that, they never came back though they went to another world again.
Their twins' child Yu and Ai went to the station of subway which had been closed. According to " Day of the field row ", the train which goes to the another world comes at midnight. To search for parents, they tried to take this train. At night of the full moon, the train for the another world arrived at 0:13:13. Yu and Ai boarded the train. And as follow Yu and Ai, the girl named Risa also took the train. Who is she?

This is an adventure Sci-Fi fantasy of heroine Risa and Kaze whose hometown was destroyed by Kumo. And also, this story is a dark fantasy like the Grimm fairy tale"

Media-Type: DVD Dual-Audio  DVD Dual-Audio DVD Dual-Audio

Tags: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Mecha, Parallel Universe, SciFi, Seinen

Episode list
Nr. Name CRC32
1 Wonderland Journey into the Darkness ACD44A70
02 Magun Man of the Black Wind 9E48E9D6
3 Fruit The Town of Sweet Scent 43261023
4 Makenshi The White Etude 1F7801D7
5 Cid The adventure of the Underground Waterway 749275F3
6 Kigen Arts The Savior of Souls 7B55E458
7 Subway Enemy of the Dimensional Tunnel 8EF13956
8 Soil The Heart of the Magun 286CF454
9 Oscha The Endless Project AFF032E6
10 Mansion The Memory of Sagiso 4B7F788D
11 Ciel The Departure of Chocobo 679BBFD6
12 Fungus Etenal Life D9502240
13 Meteor Abominable Memory D305B506
14 Omega Reunion and Departure 97CD17E1
15 Jane The Moving Ocean Puzzle 192A2F40
16 Kigen Dragon Behind the Smile 6E7EF8AD
17 Frog The Smallest Great Adventure 954D4642
18 Madoushi The Battle of Kiri and Kumo DEC76B5C
19 Ai Meeting with Clear BA3C4E3A
20 Yu The Secret of Gaudium 859D1B13
21 Cactus The Wandering Sea 47845928
22 Moogle Long Lost Memories 9AF0E898
23 Terso In Search of Flying Water 2D1D9777
24 Chaos The Earl Unveiled 235D5A77
25 Kaze The Glory of Life 3969A1C2