Genshiken Based on the Genshiken manga by Kio Shimoku.

Description provided by Pokute:
Based on a popular comic about the Japanese otaku lifestyle, this manga follows Sasahara Kanji as he dives face first into a world of anime, manga, video games, pornographic doujinshi, and the like. Kio Shimoku pokes fun at every element of the otaku world, so sit back and enjoy the ride. This is an anime for hardcore fans, with very complicated references that will test your knowledge of all things otaku.

Media-Type: DVD Dual-Audio  DVD Dual-Audio DVD Dual-Audio

Tags: Clubs, College, Comedy, Parody, School Life, Seinen

Episode list
Nr. Name CRC32
1 The Study of Modern Visual Culture 754472AA
2 Comparative Classification of Consumption and Diversion among modern Youth 811FA430
3 The Issue of Regional Cultural Advancement and its Merits 7689494E
4 The Sublimated Process of Mental Blocks Regarding the Dissimilation Between Dress and Costume B53BD4F7
5 The Boundary Between Rejection and Acceptance Seen in Autonomous Behavior E1954BF7
6 Subculture and its Circular Relationship to Others Surrounding It B4670885
7 Characteristics of Actions and Decisions in Personal Relationships 0918D1FD
8 Comparative Research of the Mass Production Process 7F4A3AD5
9 The Existence and Nonexistence of Explanatory Duties Under Special Isolated Situations D6660EEE
10 Leisure Time Expenditures on Fetishism Considered as an Economic Result 7A0F8578
11 The Theory of the Existence of M24ce Within Urban Crimes CBA4D930
12 The Countermeasures for the Issues That Occur During the Reorganization of a Group 867CEE13