GetBackers "Mido Ban and Amano Ginji, is known as the "GetBackers" whose motto is "If it's stolen, we can steal it back!". And the GetBackers' success rate is always 100%.

Always waiting around the Honky Tonk, clients call in to ask the GetBackers to retrieve something for them. And so, Ban and Ginji go through many weird and bizarre cases as they set forth to "get back" the belongings..."

Media-Type: DVD Dual-Audio  DVD Dual-Audio DVD Dual-Audio

Tags: Action, Adventure, Martial Arts, Shounen, Super Power

Episode list
Nr. Name CRC32
1 The Initials Are G&B 3EAAB96A
2 Get Back The Rusted Bonds AAC86723
3 Operation Recover The Platinum 2C4E538E
4 Recovery Service Vs Transport Service EDF1F69A
5 Deathmatch At Sunrise The Lightning Emperor vs Doctor Jackal 3470EF64
6 Get Back The Divine Melody 42C0D9B0
7 The Animal Transformation Of The Beastmaster 0A942183
8 Timbre Of Life Resound 3E907EC2
9 Get Back The Phantom Sunflowers Part One 0F11A62D
10 Get Back The Phantom Sunflowers Part Two 39CE5EF3
11 Breach The Limitless Fortress Operation Recover IL 701EABC8
12 The Unknown Boy Makubex 33F5C661
13 Explosion Fuchouin-School Thread Technique B94097DA
14 The New Four Kings 6DA489B1
15 The Loulan Dance Whip That Whirls In The Night A236D346
16 Explosion The Lightning Emperor Angry D00E11D2
17 Recovery Team Rendezvous 50B00FE5
18 Crash Shido vs Emishi 61E158C1
19 Oh My Friend Kazuki vs Juubei 2822912A
20 The Man From Babylon City 7D8E6E16
21 Blade Of Revenge Ban vs Fudou 9A133433
22 Awakening The Advent Of The Lightning Emperor 00089B62
23 Attack Virtual Corps B3E41B35
24 The Final Fight Ginji vs Makubex F319E75B
25 Get Back The Limitless Future D185340C
26 Steam Recovery The Hot Springs Travel Diary AF339F55
27 High School Girl vs Recovery Service FF95D802
28 The Man Who Lost His Past 1A3798F1
29 Get Back The Arms Of The Goddess E790CF7B
30 Mystery Assassins The Miroku Brothers C1F3E5F3
31 Hera And Kait 8A3EE7A3
32 The Mission Starts Ginji vs Miroku AAE51906
33 Get Back The Eternal Goddess ADD1985E
34 The Get Backers Break Up The Enemy Is Ban Midou 87635BD6
35 Get Back The Flame Of Life 6BDDCF3D
36 Children Of Destiny AD431E89
37 Natsumi Does Her Best 12EF8543
38 A Recital Just For You 53A7ABBD
39 Ginji Hospit24zed It's a Hospital Everybody Assembled F70A38C5
40 Monkey Counterattack A91B1517
41 Farewell My Beloved 02519E86
42 The Cost Of Betrayal 196AFD3B
43 The Man Who Came Back The Limitless Fortress Once More 8ABB6B77
44 The Last Of The Four Kings 772B0990
45 Demon Of Revenge Fudou Passes Away C5022607
46 The Brain Trust 15F79140
47 Storm The Beltline Ginji vs Masaki B9CE5E55
48 Fated Showdown Ban vs Akabane 88A58C3F
49 Get Backers BAE2DA0F