Glass Fleet
Glass Fleet In the far future, in a closed cosmic space, the human beings are living in urban type space ships called territory ships. The religion people believe in says that the planet is the place full of dirties, and they are faithful to the doctrine, and they don't want to set foot in the planet. The territory ship consists of tens or hundreds of units few kilo meters cubic, and each unit is a territory itself. Their area represents the power of the land lord. When the load marries or succeeds to the territory, the ships stick together to make a big territory. On the contrary, when several children succeeds to the territory, a ship is divided into several urbane ships. The land lords have been fighting each other for their territory to show their power.

Meanwhile, the big power that tries to swallow the whole universe as well as the human begins to encroach on the world. Do they have the future? Why do they living in such a closed world?

Media-Type: DVD Dual-Audio  DVD Dual-Audio DVD Dual-Audio

Tags: Action, Military, SciFi, Shounen Ai, Space Travel, Swordplay

Episode list
Nr. Name CRC32
1 Like the Meteor... 64F32D1A
2 Like the wind... A8F72CF4
3 Like the fate... D6DA6D48
4 Like the wound... ED907604
5 Like the mask... 5F7319EC
6 Like the Clown... DA01D997
7 Like the Scolding... CD4EF710
8 Like the Truth... F2B030F6
9 Like the Vicissitudes... 484149A9
10 Like the Devil... 727E2248
11 Like the Hungry Wolf... E6358F4A
12 Like the Setting Sun... 1B657B8D
13 Like the Labyrinth... F56E790B
14 Like the Dawn... 08FFBEEB
15 Like Dignity... BBDE6413
16 Like an Epoch... AE21AF91
17 Like the Enbrace... 09D8FFCE
18 Like the Flight ... E17F2366
19 Like a Lion... 92BE9BA8
20 Like a Royal Road... 2B28AF8B
21 Like a House of Cards... F45C76A2
22 Like Adoration... B2C4D0F1
23 Like Scarlet... 36D2B1FA
24 Like Bloodshed... 9143ACC3
25 Like a Blood Edict... 01BE0281
26 Like an Ovation... F70FAB87