Gun X Sword
Gun X Sword Armed with a metal sash that straightens into a sword, lanky swordsman Van is traveling through the desert, searching for the mysterious clawed man who killed his bride. Along the way he picks up a fellow traveler: Wendy, a young girl whose town he saves from bandits by summoning a mecha with his sword. Wendy is searching for her missing older brother, whose engraved gun she carries on her back. In their mutual quest they run afoul of more bandits and villains, a mysterious woman named Carmen99, and more mecha battles a la Wild West.

Media-Type: DVD Dual-Audio  DVD Dual-Audio DVD Dual-Audio

Tags: Action, Adventure, Gunfights, Mecha, Piloted Robots, SciFi, Violence

Episode list
Nr. Name CRC32
01 Tuxedo Blowing In The Wind D9B9DA4E
02 Funny Stream 0BF8A5FE
03 Heroes One More Time 5D5B9BD2
04 And The Rain Kept Falling CCF8741C
05 Twin Guards 58977E10
06 Light My Fire 69FA0B67
07 The Vengeance Within D7802AA1
08 Bound By Blood ADDF8739
09 Carmen Goes Home BAE935BA
10 Tank You Ocean 967C0A40
11 Where The Goodbyes Are 97B1779D
12 The Days Of No Return 9CF69245
13 Dream In Progress 1762242E
14 Swift Brownie 80A0D992
15 Neo Originals 83DC6C25
16 Electric Fireworks 158CDBCB
17 Chase Coordinate X 32499507
18 The Prayers Are For Saudade 80743AE7
19 The End Of Hope B184FC0F
20 Wonderful Universe 9AB60074
21 Prayers TO Heaven And Peace On Earth 03EA0C0A
22 For Whose Sake 34570067
23 A Song For Everyone 11DC02B8
24 The End Of A Dream 862224EA
25 Fool Comes By Armor FD315F60
26 Tuxedo Blowing In Tomorrow 3DFC1A12