Heat Guy J
Heat Guy J In the far future, there are seven cities located on a planet. Each of them are independent from each other and formed countries because there is no other life on the planet other than those seven cities.The story takes place in one of the cities called Judo. Judo is a floating artificial city build on the sea roughly 30km on its diameter. City administration tower located in the center with large skyscraper residences around it. The south area of this city is a slum where most of crimes take place.Speaking of crime, Daisuke Aurora is the city safety control officer. His job is to preceive any incidents and prevent them before they happened. On the surface he looks as a person with sense of justice and humanity, however he's actually taking out crimes because of his father, a politician, who was assassinated by terrorists. Luckily, he has a partner, an android called Jay (R-JAJA000106).

Media-Type: DVD Dual-Audio  DVD Dual-Audio DVD Dual-Audio

Tags: Action, Gunfights, Law and Order, Mafia, Mecha, SciFi

Episode list
Nr. Name CRC32
1 Guy 61D4782A
2 War E6913332
3 Bomb 4BF7193D
4 Chaos 41838C8C
5 Doll E8B65C96
6 Money 94DBAD02
7 Circulation 3011929C
8 Brother 1A1709DC
9 Trust F89258CA
10 Guns C0BCCDA6
11 Mirage 2CF2690E
12 Visitor 68F375BA
13 Encounter D7DE8CA1
14 Arrow D7011936
15 Angel 32ED11C0
16 Target C6BAD9EB
17 Survival 88D6FE01
18 Independence AE5DFFAF
19 Truth 02445FC7
20 Fake 5FADC29C
21 Tears FF28191D
22 Fortress C350BB6E
23 Play E1A68207
24 Alteration 890F9023
25 Revolution 9992F826
26 Guys EEBD80C5