Hell Girl
Hell Girl There is a rumor. There exists a message board called Jigoku Tsushin where one can access only at midnight. It is said that if one writes his grudge against someone, Jigoku Shoujo appears and she takes the person to the Hell.

Media-Type: DVD Dual-Audio  DVD Dual-Audio DVD Dual-Audio

Tags: Angst, Horror, Seinen, Tragedy

Episode list
Nr. Name CRC32
1 From Beyond the Night 78322C69
2 The Posessed Girl 691CF618
3 The Tarnished Mound A39BACE7
4 Silent Cries 6E7D937A
5 The Woman in the Tall Tower 5F612CE9
6 Early Afternoon Window 65BBAC12
7 Cracked Mask 3E3E1685
8 Silent Friendship 3864AB91
9 Sweet Trap 1B26D987
10 Friends 61D70245
11 Finely Cut Thread C4D4FA14
12 Fragments which were Destroyed 66953617
13 Purgatory Girl 8B19D2FC
14 The Other Side of the Blind Alley C2A20E05
15 Woman of the Island 35F806BA
16 Jongleur Night 8599F838
17 Glass Scenery 4ED768D8
18 Bound Girl 5DFCBC32
19 Doll Bride 5A5096ED
20 Jigoku Shoujo versus Jigoku Shounen 03131A38
21 Kind Neighbour 0D4E466D
22 Regretful Rain 9CC2DC6A
23 The Light of the Ward F7B18018
24 The Twilight Village BDF2E4A8
25 Hell Girl 3A117D06
26 Basting 3166408C