Last Exile
Last Exile "Claus Valca is from the world of Prester where he and his longtime friend, Lavie live and work as sky couriers. They pilot a van-ship left to Claus by his father. Together they dream of one day making the journey their father's were never able to complete - flying acros the notoriously dangerous stretch of space known as the "Grand Stream."

One day, after Claus and Lavie agree to shuttle a mysterious girl named Alvis Hamilton to the air-battleship, Silvana, they become involved in a war that shakes their world - Prester, a world where mighty wind and a sea of clouds spreads far and wide..."

Media-Type: DVD Dual-Audio  DVD Dual-Audio DVD Dual-Audio

Tags: Action, Airforce, Military, SciFi

Episode list
Nr. Name CRC32
1 First Move 825E2FB9
2 Luft Vanship 53EB2025
3 Transpose FDF1B7BB
4 Zugzwang FE92E995
5 Positional Play 1E63B6B8
6 Arbiter Attack 11FB7A98
7 Interesting Claus 5189318A
8 Takeback 954F5297
9 Calculate Alex 778B8A2C
10 Swindle 4408A244
11 Develop B0A58E83
12 Discovered Attack FA7676AB
13 Isolated Pawn 2783780C
14 Etude Lavie C5DF2710
15 Fairy Chess 961D554B
16 Breakthrough 07EFDF70
17 Making Material AF824AAF
18 Promotion Sophia CF5E06AB
19 Sicilian Defence 019481FE
20 Grand Stream 326D19FF
21 Rook Dio 92AB8434
22 Queen Delphine EA9321AE
23 Castling Lucciola A9D9A552
24 Sealed Move 83F5A3C9
25 Quiet Move 3A2AEFAE
26 Resign AFA473F8