Love Hina
Love Hina Keitaro and his childhood sweetheart make a promise to be accepted at and to meet each other at the prestigous Toudai University before she moved out of his life. About a decade later, Keitaro has become an artist and a daydreamer, having ranked 27th from the last in the national practice exam. When his grandmother leaves the all-girls dormitory, he becomes the residential manager and soon meets up with two Todai applicants who may have been that sweetheart, since he's forgotten her name. Then there the other tenants like young Shinobu who was in despair until Keitaro helped her, Motoko the swordsmaster who sees men as evil distractions, Su Kaolo the genius child inventor and the sneaky Kitsune.

Media-Type: DVD Dual-Audio  DVD Dual-Audio DVD Dual-Audio

Tags: Comedy, Daily Life, Ecchi, Harem, Nudity, Romance, Shounen, Violent Retribution for Accidental Infringement

Episode list
Nr. Name CRC32
1 All-Girls Dorm With Outdoor Bath Hot Springs A9CAC217
2 The Hinata's New Resident Shinobu Arrow Signs F0C5868A
3 Kendo Girl In Love Swordplay 4973205A
4 The Tokyo U Promise From 15 Years Ago Diary C9E26847
5 Wow. A Trip To Kyoto! Exciting 5E3F72E4
6 Keitaro`s First Kiss Is With... Journey 8421018B
7 First Date. Keitaro`s True Feelings Nowadays 253A9B31
8 Kendo Girl And The Legend Of The Dragon Palace Is This A Dream 91AE6A27
9 The Case Of the Missing Hinata Apartment Money A Mystery F58D78D7
10 Who Is The Beautiful Women Wandering In The Moonlight Transformation BCA01D37
11 The Idol Shooting For Tokyo U Is A Prep School Student Sing C447035A
12 Changing After The Wedding Swordmaster Motoko`s Sunday Best Feminine 337BCC8F
13 The First Kiss Tastes Like Lemon Marshmallow Grown-up 2CD34A3A
14 Naru`s Crush Is Now A Tokyo U Professor Turning Into Love 0699A57B
15 I Love You! Romantic Confession Inside A Cave Tall Tale 4B2E4C85
16 Monkey Performance At The Seaside Teahouse Hinata A Kiss E9344A4B
17 Mesmerized By Naru On The Haunted Island! Something`s Fishy! 172C4D5B
18 Girls Dressed In Yukata For The Summer Festival Let`s! F27F192A
19 Marry Into Money A Prince From Across The Sea Warm 37B5FE3A
20 A Sepia-Colored Promise With A Sleeping Girl A Trick A7900E73
21 Jealous Outburst Two Lovebirds On A Boat Tremble ED7DDFCE
22 Little Sister Mei`s Devious Plan It Can`t Be! 41230233
23 Naru Narusegawa - Her Wavering Heart And Keitaro Crushed 6E73002C
24 Celebrate! Are The Blooming Flowers Tokyo U Love Everybody 830A2515
25 Motoko`s Choice Love Or The Sword - DON`T CRY 019B4577